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Spinning Classes

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Spinning Classes

What Our Clients Say

Joining Megan’s spin class was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.  My attitude, not my body, was the first thing whipped into shape.  My initial cowering in the corner didn’t prove to be easily dismissed by Megan.  Megan is a great motivator and an inspiring teacher. Her class is fun and with continuously changing moves, it never gets boring. She hosts a class amongst spinners and we all look forward to 6:15 AM (well as much as you can at that hour burning 900 calories) Most of all, she genuinely cares about each person’s health, goals and well-being and is a really kind and compassionate person.

– C. Miller

You will feel the burn after your first class. You will see the burn soon after, as the inches disappear and your clothes become loose! I have tried every “fad” diet, but nothing compares to spin!

– Keri Ann

Megan, I can’t believe how far I have come in a year. I remember my first spin class. I was scared, over weight and wanted off the bike after five minutes! Today I am down twenty pounds, confident, tone and can spin with the best of `em! Not to mention I have my twenty-something derrière back!

– Amy

As a former bodybuilder and certified trainer, I’ve competed for many years. Megan’s spin class, however, left me pushing my body to new limits. I have reached a new level of endurance while burning close to 1000 calories per hour!

– Craig, Matawan

As an avid mountain-biker, I was more than happy to join my wife at her spin class. I was unaware I would become so addicted to an hour of rewarding exhaustion. I have lost weight and made new friends in the process.

– Luke

I started taking Megan’s class about 3 years ago.  I have been going to the gym on and off for years, never really being comfortable doing any cardio because I was not in the best shape.  Someone recommended I try spinning.  I was hesitant at first, thinking I would be the only person in class not knowing anything about it.  Megan made sure I was set up on the bike correctly, answered all of my questions, and made sure to emphasize that I take it at my own pace in the beginning.  I felt comfortable from the start.

I have finally found a way to burn tons of calories, sweat like crazy, listen to great music and be motivated every class by someone who truly cares that each person gets the most out of it and has FUN!

I have not been on the treadmill since, and can honestly say it is the first, and only time, I have looked forward to working out.

– Annonymous

I’ve been Spinning with Megan for over 2 years and I love her classes!  She encourages you to push yourself to work harder.  I’ve lost 20 lbs. and it’s because of Spinning with Megan!  She has a passion for Spinning, which comes out in her classes.  Her class is different every time and is never boring. If you want a real fat-burning workout, you need to Spin at Megacycle!!

– Diane

An hour with Megan begins with inspiration, turns into motivation and always ends with lots of perspiration!  I am thrilled with the positive results with my body and my spirit.

I started spin class to lose weight and get fit, but more importantly, I ended up gaining a friend and a mentor in Megan.   Megan has been there. She is empathetic to those of us who feel like we have a mountain to climb (or ride), but she also shows you that she believes in you and helps you believe in yourself.   She is the iron fist with the silk glove.

I don’t consider myself a fitness person and I would recommend the classes at Megacycle to anyone,   of any size and fitness level, interested in a fun & fulfilling workout.   I always tell people who are hesitant to try spinning is, you can really go at your own pace and you will eventually get to the point where you are pushing yourself further than you ever imagined you could!  All the instructors at Megacycle are friendly, energetic, fun and want to help you get fit!

– Christina

I am big fan of spinning, and the Mega Cycle has definitely helped me to enjoy it even more.  The instructors are passionate and knowledgeable on how to get the best work out you can in X amount of minutes (and ALWAYS stick to the right amount of time, or go over).   They actually know the members in the class, and push you in all the right ways.  The classes are always challenging with upbeat music of all genres.  Regardless of your age group, you will be challenged, and pushed; however you will enjoy it as well.  I enjoy the toning classes because it’s a full work out that for me at the gym would take me over an hour and a half, only takes me an hour! After every class I am happy I went and feel stronger, and confident.   I could go on forever on how much I enjoy my classes, but I think this is a good summary!

– Blaire Hembling

The Megacycle is truly a unique and special place. The music and vibe of the studio really gets you into the “zone” of getting healthy. Even if you haven’t been as attentive to your spinning as you would like, Megan and Amy always make you feel that you can and you WILL get your spin back on!!

– Kelly K.

I used to go when MegaCycle first started, and then moved to NYC. I went over the holiday, and still a great workout! Love the weights incorporated, and Megan’s enthusiasm

– Blaire H

Great location, equipment. Staff and clientele are a blast. Great for beginners and experts alike.

– Daniel Oldroyd

Megan’s spin and tone class is the best. Major calorie burner, and working the upper body with hand weights for an all around great workout. Music is nice and loud, just the way I like it when working out. Fun energy!

– Anne I.

Megan by far runs the best spin class I have ever attended! I always leave her classes feeling like I worked out hard…very hard..and had fun doing it and that is what it is all about!!

– Karyn J.

Megacylcle rocks! When I leave I am always dripping in sweat and feel I great for the rest of the day.

– Mike G.

Spin classes at mega cycle are the best form of exercise I’ve ever endured in. There is never a dull moment from the awesome music, the intense pace of class and the fun that the instructor brings everytime. I’m not a stick figure by any means, and I’ve constantly atruggled with weight loss. This is an incredible class for everyone to try!!!

– Teddi Silverberg